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Regnas Cufflinks - a sophisticated fashion statement, an elegant gift.

Regnas came into cufflinks, as a business, quite lately... After many years of making rings, snuffboxes and other works of art and after a lifetime (almost) of buying cufflinks for different occasions...THE MOMENT ARRIVED.

It became obvious that we could use the same interesting selection of gemstones and the same silver-smithing as we use in our rings and boxes. At the same time it gave our impulse to create new products an opportunity and a boost. So that's why, rather quickly, we have about different 100 types of cufflinks (stones, styles and silver or gold plated silver) stock and happy to find a new home.

Birth of the Link

Regnas Cufflinks come in many shapes, sizes and finishes

There is a case for supposing that cufflinks were being worn during the time of King Tut! Certainly what looks like cufflinks have been found in early Egyptian wall paintings. But I think it is best to say that the cufflink that we know today was born in the 18th Century. It started out as a sort of removable button, to add a touch of class, elegance, colour and sophistication to what was already quite glamourous a style at the time. They remained popular in the late Victorian period right through the first half of the 20th century and into the 60s when their popularity went into something of a decline. Now they have re-emerged as a de rigeur accessory and every year since about '97 has seen an increase in sales.

Cufflinks—the International Harmoniser. Boutons de manchette.

Cufflinks are now truly international. When long shirts are worn, cufflinks can be as well. And that gives those of us who are happy to show just a little bit of individuality and style a chance to enjoy.

Cufflinks have now gone completely international. You may be American, British, Canadian, Danish---West African, Xenophobic, Yemani or possibly Zimbabwean, but there are cufflinks everywhere. There are cufflinks suitable for every one of us and for, just about, every occasion. Ladies too!!

Range of Stones. Interesting Embellishments.

The Regnas Collection has continued, through cufflink design and manufacture, the principles that have given us an interesting way of business and a delightful pastime. The list of gemstones and mineral stones used is very long. But if I said Agate, Bloodstone, Crystal, Diamond... It would give you some idea, alphabetically anyway, of the great range of stones on offer.

Hand Made Products—Each Pair a Miniature Work of Art

One of the major pleasures of cufflinks is that they make such an amusing item to collect at the same time as an interesting addition to any wardrobe and any suit or style of clothing. Regnas cufflinks are what I would call miniature works of art. All handmade, the stones carefully selected and carved by specialists using traditional methods of carving, in some cases going back hundreds of years. Beautifully packaged and lovingly delivered. Yours for a lifetime to enjoy.

The Giving of the Cufflink

The cufflink, or rather the pair of cufflinks, makes a superb present. Much more useful than a medal and a good deal less ostentatious! Regnas cufflinks are durable as well as interesting, memorable as well as smart. Only recently we launched our 'Four Seasons Cufflinks Case', which enables our customer to buy 4 pairs of our cylindrical links for less than $200!! (Currently at a promotional price of $149) By negotiation this type of offer can be arranged for our 'Supers', our 'exotics' and our 'Froggies' (Frogs) styles.

Re-Birth of the Link

So---I think we all understand that the cufflink, even in the cyber age, is here and back to stay.

Our cufflinks are:

Our stock is refreshed daily, as the latest pieces are made available from our workshop. Click here to see what's available right now.

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