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The creation of what we call precious mineral stones started when the earth first exploded into being. Whenever that was. First gases, then liquids and finally gases, liquids and solids.

The composition of the mineral aggregates that make up the surface of Planet Earth reflect, to a large degree, the ingredients of the core within. Molten minerals just waiting to be converted, in the aeons ahead, into useful and often attractive minerals. The process started a very long time ago and will continue far into the future. Incredible heat and colossal pressures caused by shifting land masses and volcanic action have converted the minerals into the planetary crust, precious rocks and mineral stones we value today.

Precious stones and minerals are found today in all regions of the World. Some countries being more diverse and important providers than others. It would be a fair to suggest that there are many more deposits of minerals to be found in the world than have been found so far. We will have noticed, those of us that have been here for some time, that repeated warnings of the drying up of the earth's oil wells and the resultant price pressures create more research which in turn turns up more oil. We can look to that syndrome to keep us in precious mineral stones for very many years to come.

The Regnas presentation box is produced with lids made from a great variety of precious and semi-precious stones. Whichever one you choose, on this occasion, is up to you, of course, but if you want to learn more about what these stones mean, and let that inform your choice, then keep reading.

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