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Mineral stones as we know them today provide many uses. Building, artistic decoration and provision of fuel to name but a few. One of the most fascinating attributes however is their use in holistic medicine. This is no new thing. Many people believe in the healing power of certain stones. And, as with astrology, thousands of lines of newsprint and a pile of money is spent daily on this form of alternative medicine.

Sometimes the stones are worn as jewelry, sometimes held in the hand. People often actually drink "mineral stone water". So, different stones in different parts of the world, often best for people of different birth signs, are imbued with a variety of medicinal properties.

Here is a selection of mineral stones and their attributed medicinal properties.

Agate: Comes to us in very many varied forms, mostly of great beauty. It is believed to protect people from epilepsy, mental disturbances, poisonous stings and bites. very beneficial for prostate problems, it also helps with hair, skin, heart and pregnancies. Apparently even promotes a love of ones own body - 'overjoyed to be overweight'!. It affords the wearer courage, constancy and endurance. It can even go out of the surgery and help you with your legal problems; as well as helping you to assess your various friendships.

Bloodstone or Heliotrope or Blood Jasper: Will help with problems of the bladder, kidneys, liver and spleen. Very helpful in the treatment of varicose veins. Helpful in cases of dickey heart and generally aids the blood supply.

Falcons eye (sometimes known as Tiger Iron Stone or Riebeckite). This mineral stone helps the wearer/user aquire equilibrium and insight. It strengthens our respiratory organs and acts efficaciously on the joints, bones, lung and heart.

Jade (Jadeite): From a medicinal point of view and as a beneficial influence on mankind generally, jade has always been a top favorite. Representing love and peace and bestowing courage, contentment and intelligence, it helps the bladder, kidneys and eyes. Jade assists with a whole range of illnesses and conditions including herpes, shingles, jaundice, flu, migraine and even burns. good also for a range of stomach complaints.

Jasper: Jasper is a very 'powerful' stone and bestows a great deal of energy on the wearer. It is can greatly ease difficult childbirth. Helps in the case of most problems associated with the stomach and the nausea caused by any sickness of the abdomen.

Labradorite: So named as it was first identified in Labrador, a part of Canada. This stone is famous for helping on the psychological level in our lives. It 'cheers us up' and helps us put negative memories behind us. It will also 'bring out' latent talents particularly of an artistic nature. On the more physical side it helps us overcome muscular problems.

Lapis Lazuli: A personal favorite of the author. Headaches, high blood pressure and depression are all alleviated by this superb mineral. Well worth taking into the office after a 'night on the town'. Will help in the afternoon too, when there may otherwise have been a tendency to strokes, dropsy or indeed epilepsy. In ancient cultures lapis was usually considered a very holy stone. Much used by the nobility and priesthood it was (and is) of great value.

Malachite: Can be effectively be used in cases of rheumatism, asthma, Parkinson's, MS, cholera also some heart problems. Several ancient cultures believed that by drinking from malachite vessels we would be able to learn to communicate with the animal kingdom.

Obsidian: This is a natural form of glass created aeons ago in volcanic eruptions. Very good for helping maintain good finger nails, hair and skin; it also helps us 'keep our feet firmly on the ground' and is a help for those people who are inclined to daydream too much! Helps us with digestive problems as well as anything to do with the bones.

Opals: Often found in aggregate, combined with other attractive rock formations. Cheers us up and is inclined to stimulate the heart as well as calming us down. Very good for bringing out latent talents. Generally helps to make us sensuous.

Rhodonite: Was used in an extravagant gesture by the Russian communists to clad their 1930s subways system. It helps one to concentrate. Cools various anxieties and improves harmony, especially in connection with impaired sexual behavior. It is also supposed to help with dyslexia.

Ruby: Promotes spiritual as well as physical love. Also known to help in cases of low blood pressure, eye infections, gout, fevers as well as various virus infections. Generally strengthens the wearer, making them more active.

Tiger's Eye: Generally helps us to lead a very happy life. Specifically inclined to help in cases of coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis and liver problems .It is also supposed to help those amongst us who cannot control our spending and think that money grows on trees (by helping us control our spending urges, rather than giving us more wealth).

Tiger's Iron: Many similarities in appearance and properties to tiger's eye. It is particularly effective in helping to tone up the liver and kidneys. Generally helps us to be more spiritual, accept the status quo and also changes in our lives.

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