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The Regnas Snuff Box—The Perfect Gift

The Regnas Snuff Box - the ideal gift for your loved one.

This range of snuff boxes is lovingly crafted from the finest materials for the most discerning buyer. The culmination of a lifetime of development and research, the Regnas Snuff Box is based on the design of a period snuff box, as used by the highest members of 19th Century society.

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Hand crafted Silver or Gold

The Regnas Snuff Box is available in either Sterling silver or 18 Carat gold. On request, sterling silver boxes can also be coated with gold.

Precious Stone Lid

A precious stone lid on a Regnas snuff box.

Engraved with your crest, inscribed with your message, by special request.

The Regnas Presentation Box makes a unique and prestigious gift. It features a precious mineral stone lid, and bespoke engraving with

Please note that personal messages may also be inscribed inside the lid.

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Pick up the perfect Christmas / Holiday gift for your loved one.

Beautifully Presented & Guaranteed

The Regnas Snuff Box comes in a classy presentation box.

Each Regnas Presentation Box is delivered with a full warranty and a description of the mineral stone used to make the lid.

The Regnas Presentation Box makes an ideal personalized gift for loved ones, or company gatherings.


Your box will typically be delivered to your address within a few days. Bespoke boxes can take 2 or more weeks depending on the artwork and the availability of materials.

Surprise your loved one, doctor, boss or friend with a gift they will treasure for the rest of their lives.