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The Regnas Snuff Box

A close up quality inspection.

Hand Crafted from the Finest Materials

All Regnas Snuff Boxes are made with the highest quality materials, using well-established construction techniques.

Base Metal Choice

You can choose the base metal used. The options are:

The metals are worked by hand, by professional craftsmen, with many years of experience of this ancient craft. Any engraving (of the mineral stone) or inscribing (on the silver or gold interior of the box) is also carried out by experienced craftsmen.

For custom orders, and for an extra fee, our metals can be examined by The London Assay Office and Hallmarked to indicate the full and correct metal content, thus confirming, without question the authenticity of the metals.

Mineral stone lid

Precious Mineral Stones

The precious mineral stone used for the lid may have been obtained at source almost anywhere in the world. (You'll find more information on mineral stones here) or very likely obtained through one of our suppliers working internationally. Only natural, untreated mineral stones are used. All our stones are guaranteed to be genuine mineral stones with natural colors. Click here to see our current choice of precious stones.

It is to be appreciated that any materials created naturally, over many millions of years, will vary in pattern and coloring the one from another.

Snuff box in presentation case.

Each Box is not only hand-made but also absolutely unique. Provided it is stored or displayed in good conditions it will last for many hundreds, maybe thousands, of years. The finest souvenir of that important occasion and those who were giving and receiving.

Prices range from US$150-250 depending on materials, engraving and inscribing