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Bloodstone Lids

Bloodstone - Haematite

Facts about Bloodstone (Haematite)

Appearance / Color: Green and red.
Source: Alps, U.K. France, Sweden, Canada, Australia, U.S.A.
Properties: Engraves very well but part of the stone's attraction is the variation of the two colors red and green. It is necessary to provide a plainer pattern of the green to show up the carved design.
Medicinal uses: Supposed to help with spasms, tension, backache, cramps, liver, skin and kidney problems.
Availability: Availability slightly below average but some held at present. A medium rare mineral stone in this size.

Notes: It is a type of Chalcedony. In ancient Egypt it was placed in the tombs of the dead to smooth their passage from this world to the next.

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